Sunday, 22 February 2009

15 reasons why Catalonia can no longer form part of Spain

  1. Because Spain prevents the Catalans from deciding our political future.
  2. Because official Spain is allergic to the Catalan language and culture.
  3. Because the 10% of Catalonia’s GDP that is creamed off by Spain devastates our economy.
  4. Because repressive sentences passed by Franco are still in force.
  5. Because Catalonia is prevented from participating in international sport.
  6. Because Spain systematically ignores U.N. calls against impunity for the Franco regime
  7. Because the mass graves of Franco’s victims are still uninvestigated.
  8. Because Spanish courts systematically overrule Catalan laws.
  9. Because many Spanish streets are still named after Nazis and Fascists.
  10. Because Catalans are a constant target of prejudice and abuse.
  11. Because Spain never apologized for executing our President in 1940.
  12. Because Catalonia wants to contribute to the future of Europe.
  13. Because Catalonia wants to share its language with all Europeans.
  14. Because Catalonia needs a constituency for its own MEPs.
  15. Because Catalonia wants France and Spain as amiable neighbours on friendly terms.
No European can fail to understand this