Saturday, 17 March 2012

Why has Blogger changed the URL for my blog?

The URL for my blog has suddenly changed. For some reason unbeknown to me, Blogger has decided I should have a .es at the end. But .es corresponds to Spanish sites. I personally may be located in Spain, but does that mean my blog is obliged to be identified as Spanish if it is written in English and means to address an international English-speaking audience?

In any case, Blogger (Google) might have had the courtesy to ask if I would like to be identified as Spanish, or at a bare minimum, to have had the decency to forewarn me of this change!


Nuri148 said...

Mine also changes, to .de. YOu can still type the .com to access, but it changes on the URL bar when the page loads.
It's that disgusting recent trend of Google to force users to adopt, for all the Google services, all the interface of their place of residence.
You should see my face when I went to while in holidays in Corfu and everything was in Greek.

Nuri148 said...

Per cert: are que ho miro el teu bloc tb em surt com .de