Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Catalan state on Facebook

Are you a Facebook user? Well, now you can add to your causes. How about advocating for the Catalan-speaking countries' own state?

Facebook's “Catalan Secessionist Cause for an Own State” is the sister of the Estat Propi (Own State) site where those who want to support the cause for independence of Catalonia can show how many of us there are worldwide, and where we are.

The Own State campaign has been created in the Catalan blogsphere, responding to the widespread need to find out what the true popular support is for the achievement of the Catalan Countries' own state.


  • Promoting favourable arguments for Catalan independence
  • Spreading the Catalan secessionist cause
  • Convincing people to join the Catalan secessionist cause

Just go and join to show a little flag on a world map. Obviously, most flags show up within the Catalan-speaking countries, and specially in Catalonia. But why not in India, or Australia, or wherever YOU may be? It's really easy!

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